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When it gets international

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International tax consulting

  • Tax consultant
  • Specialist in International Tax Law
  • Master of International Taxation
  • Graduated business teacher

If you want to operate internationally you need specialized tax knowledge to avoid mistakes and to be successful.

Export abroad

Your company exports abroad or invests there? Or you are planning to do so soon?

Subsidiaries in Germany

Your company is based abroad and you operate a subsidiary in Germany or would like to establish one?

Foreign expertise for German tax consultants

You are a tax consultant in Germany, but you lack the international expertise?

Support of German clients

You are a tax consultant abroad and want your clients to be well taken care of in Germany?

For these cases I am your right contact person! When it comes to sales tax I advise institutions and companies nationwide and train their employees. My further topics are transfer pricing documentation and the avoidance of double taxation. I advise both domestic subsidiaries of foreign groups and relocations of headquarters across the border. I have a network of foreign colleagues at my side. I would be pleased to be at your disposal with my international tax consulting agency. Please contact me!